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Ansible Playbooks to install and provision the Alert Logic Unified Agent
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Ansible Role: al-agents

This playbook is used to install and configure the Alert Logic agent.


The following platforms are supported.

Debian versions:

  • squeeze
  • wheezy
  • jessie

Ubuntu versions:

  • 10.x
  • 12.x
  • 14.x
  • 16.x

RHEL/CentOS versions:

  • 6.x
  • 7.x

SuSE versions:

  • 12.1
  • 12.0
  • 11.4
  • 11.3

Amazon Linux versions:

  • Karoo

Windows versions:

  • Windows Server 2003+SP1, 2008, 2012, 2016
  • Windows XP+SP1, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Role Variables

  • al_agent_registration_key - your unique registration key, required except in supported cloud deployments (AWS, Azure) String defaults to your_registration_key_here
  • al_agent_for_imaging - The al_agent_for_imaging variable determines if the agent will be configured and provisioned. If set to true then the install process performs an installation of the agent but will not start the agent once installation is completed. This allows for instance snapshots to be saved and started for later use. With this variables set to false then the provisioning process is performed during setup and the agent is started once complete. Boolean defaults to false
  • al_agent_egress_host,al_agent_egress_port - By default all traffic is sent to This variable is useful if you have a machine that is responsible for outbound traffic (NAT box). If you specify your own URL ensure that it is a properly formatted URI. String defaults to
  • al_agent_proxy_url - By default al-agent does not require the use of a proxy. This variable is useful if you want to avoid a single point of egress. When a proxy is used, both al_agent_egress_host and al_agent_proxy_url values are required. If you specify a proxy URL ensure that it is a properly formatted URI. String defaults to nil


  • no known dependancies

Example Playbook

- name: Apply AL Agent install to specific hosts
  hosts: al_agents
    - { role: alertlogic.al_agents}


The variable al_agent_for_imaging determine your installation type. It is a boolean value and by default is false. Setting this value to true will prepare your agent for imaging only and will not provision the agent.

Performing an agent install using the cookbook's default attributes, will setup the agent and provision the instance immediately. If you have properly set your registration key, your host should appear within Alert Logic's Console within 15 minutes. Note: in AWS and Azure deployments the use of the key is optional and in general not necessary.


  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Create a named feature branch (like add_component_x)
  3. Write your change
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
  5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass
  6. Submit a Pull Request using Github

License and Authors


Distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Authors: Muram Mohamed ( Justin Early (

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