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Gatsby remark plugin for generating twitter card graphics
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gatsby-remark-twitter-cards 📇

gatsby-remark-twitter-cards in action

gatsby-remark-twitter-cards is a Gatsby plugin that allows you to create individual open graph twitter card images at build time for inclusion in your site's SEO metadata. It generates cards as JPGs with embedded text in the recommended size of 1200px x 630px.

It uses the wasm-twitter-card library under the hood: by using Rust libraries compiled to WebAssembly, we can work around some of the limitations of the most popular dependency-free image editing library for Node.js, jimp.

It can be added to your remark plugins in gatsby-config.js like so:

  plugins: [
    // ...
      resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`,
      options: {
        plugins: [
            resolve: `gatsby-remark-twitter-cards`,
            options: {
              title: 'anti/pattern', // website title
              separator: '|', // default
              author: 'alessia bellisario',
              background: require.resolve('./content/assets/base.png') // path to 1200x630px file or hex code, defaults to black (#000000)
              fontColor: '#228B22', // defaults to white (#ffffff)
              titleFontSize: 96, // default
              subtitleFontSize: 60, // default
              fontStyle: 'monospace', // default
              fontFile: require.resolve('./assets/fonts/someFont.ttf') // will override fontStyle - path to custom TTF font

Plugin Options

Option Required Type Default value
title string ""
separator string (character that separates title and author) `"
author string ""
background hex or file path "#000000"
fontColor hex "#ffffff"
titleFontSize int 96
subtitleFontSize int 60
fontStyle "monospace" or "sans-serif" monospace
fontFile path to TTF font file

The images will be saved in your site's /public folder, and the link to your twitter:image should be an absolute URL (something like ${siteUrl}${blogPostSlug}twitter-card.jpg) E.g. for this blog post the generated image can be found at the link

Further instructions on how to include open graph images in the metadata of your Gatsby blog can be found in the excellent documentation of the plugin that inspired this one, gatsby-remark-social-cards


  • Custom TTF fonts 🎉
  • Monospace or sans serif font
  • Custom title font size
  • Custom subtitle font size
  • Custom font color
  • Accept path to background image
  • OR solid color background with hex code
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