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Inspired by dcousineau/resume -- especially the clever strategy of using releases as an archive of various "built" states over time.

If you're on a mac, brew cask install mactex && pdflatex resume.tex

automated releases

As of October 2019, I've automated the process for generating GitHub releases of new versions of my resume.

First, I compile a new resume.pdf using this excellent LaTeX Action which uses pdfLaTeX under the hood. Then I use the GH Release action to upload the newly-generated resume.pdf as a release asset. πŸŽ‰

Finally, I kick off a GitHub Action in my blog's repo, alessbell/, and open a PR with the PDF release asset from the latest release. I've written more about how I've automated this flow here.

steps to publish

  1. Cut a branch, make some changes and add a new commit. Then run e.g. git tag -a v1.4 -m "Release v1.4, adds new job" and create a PR.

  2. Push local tags up with git push origin --tags. This will kick off the GitHub action. After it succeeds, merge the pull request.⚑️