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SubimeText2 Cheat Sheet
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SubimeText2 Cheat Sheet

Many thanks to @jdsharp for accidentally finding (via google search) and sharing this Google Docs Spreadsheet with the twitter community.


  1. Fork this project.
  2. Add a helpful shortcut.
  3. Commit
  4. Make a Pull Request.


  • find super+f
  • find in files super+shift+f
  • replace super+alt+f
  • find_next super+g
  • find_prev super+shift+g
  • find the next occurrence of the word under the caret (and won't show the find panel) super+alt+g
  • find the previous occurrence of the word under the caret (and won't show the find panel) super+alt+shift+g
  • slurp_find_string super+e
  • Incremental find super+i
  • Search and replace ctrl+h
  • Move left by subword ctrl+alt+shift+left
  • Move right by subword ctrl+alt+shift+right


  • Redo or repeat super+y
  • Soft Undo super+u
  • Soft Redo super+shift+u
  • scroll 1 line up ctrl+alt+up
  • scroll 1 line down ctrl+alt+down
  • next_view_in_stack (next tab) ctrl+tab
  • prev_view_in_stack (previous tab) ctrl+shift+tab
  • Paste & indent super+shift+v


  • split_selection_into_lines super+shift+l
  • expand selection super+l
  • expand selection (of each occurance of that word) super+d
  • expand selection (to scope) super+shift+space
  • expand selection (to brackets) ctrl+shift+m
  • Swap Line Up ctrl+super+up
  • Swap Line Down ctrl+super+down
  • select_lines up ctrl+shift+up
  • select_lines down ctrl+shift+down
  • select matching words, higlight word, then command+g


  • alt or command + left click. (click in each region where you require a cursor)
  • Select lines then shift+command+l

Select additional occoruences of a word.

  • Place cursor over word, ctrl/command+d repeatetly.

Alternatively, add additional cusor at all occurences

  • Type Ctrl+Command+G (alt+f3 on windows)


  • insert best completion enter
  • Auto complete ctrl+space


  • Go to anything super+shift+p
  • Go to Files super+t
  • Go to Symbol super+r
  • Go to line ctrl+g
  • Go to Word super+p & then type :
  • Show console ctrl+`
  • Build super+b
  • Transpose ctrl+t
  • Go to file ctrl + p
  • Indent super+]
  • Unindent super+[
  • Uppercase super+k


  • Full screen super+ctrl+f
  • Distraction free super+ctrl+shift+f
  • Layout
  • Single super+alt+1
  • Two columns super+alt+2
  • Three columns super+alt+3
  • Four columns super+alt+4
  • Two rows super+alt+shift+2
  • Three rows super+alt+shift+4
  • Grid 4 super+alt+5


  • Toggle bookmark super+F2
  • Next bookmark F2
  • Prev bookmark shift+F2
  • Folding
  • Fold super+shift+j
  • Unfold all super+j


  • Rebuild tags ctrl+alt+shift+t
  • Find definition of word under caret ctrl+] (return to previous position after find definition) ctrl+[


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