This is a sample skill written in JavaScript that demonstrates how to use device ID and the API endpoint values to make a request to the Alexa Device Address API.
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franklin-lobb Updated to use SDK V2
- updated en-US interaction model
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- removed extra js files (v2 version has all code in index.js)
- added address permission to skill.json
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Device Address API Integration Sample Project

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What You Will Learn

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What Your Skill Will Do

The new Device Address API enables skills to request and access the configured address in the customer’s device settings. This means you can build skills with the context to understand the customers who use the skill, then use the data to customize the voice experience. Your skill, for example, can deliver food and groceries to a customer’s home or provide directions to a nearby gym. You can also see where your most active users are. Check out our documentation to learn more.

When a user enables a skill with the Alexa app that wants to use location data, the user will be prompted to provide consent for location data to be made available. There are two levels of location data you can request:

Full address, which includes street address, city, state, zip, and country Country and postal code only When a user enables a skill that wants to use this location data, the user will be prompted in the Alexa app to consent to the location data being shared with the skill. It is important to note that when a user enables a skill via voice, the user will not be prompted for this information and the default choice will be "none." In this case, you can use cards to prompt the user to provide consent using the Alexa app.