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Python script to batch embed Skim notes to PDFs
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Skim is a PDF viewer with great search and annotation tools for OSX. It stores annotations in a non-standard format, thus the annotation can not viewed or edited in other PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, Skim can convert Skim notes to standard PDF notes (embed) or make PDF notes editable in Skim (unembed).

PDF viewed in Skim with Skim annotations.

The same PDF with embedded annotations viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

The Python class SkimPDF builds on skimpdf to automate the conversion step:

  1. Embed notes
  2. Unembed notes
  3. Batch embed and unembed notes (works with nested folders; see below)


  • Convert Skim notes to PDF notes (embed): skim.convert_to_pdf_notes('../path/to/pdf file.pdf')
  • Convert PDF notes to Skim notes (unembed): skim.convert_to_skim_notes('../path/to/pdf file.pdf')
  • Batch convert notes in a folder: skim.batch_convert_to_pdf_notes('../path/to/Literature folder') and skim.batch_convert_to_skim_notes('../path/to/Literature folder')

Batch processing

The methods batch_convert_to_pdf_notes and batch_convert_to_skim_notes batch embed and unembed notes. I have used it to embed Skim notes of 568 pdfs scattered in a folder with various subfolders. It took 5 minutes in total. Be aware, that the script won't process files with a " in its filepath.

Available options

  • Replace pdf or place a copy in place: skim.replace_original = True (default)
  • If skim.replace_original is set to False, then you can set the embed or unembed suffix with skim.embed_suffix and skim.unembed_suffix

Alfred Workflows

For ease of use, I have wrapped the python script in the Alfred Workflows PDF to Skim notes.alfredworkflow and Skim to PDF notes.alfredworkflow to process one or more selected PDFs.

WARNING: The workflows overwrite the selected files.


Install the Automator Workflows by double-clicking on the donwloaded file and select "Install as service."

The workflows process the selected PDF files (single and multiple folders and files, also nested ones). Non-PDF files are ignored.

WARNING: The workflows overwrite the selected files.

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