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Rick and Morty take on Flappy Bird
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Rick and Morty take on flappy bird in this browser based, canvas game. Avoid the obstacles as long as you can! Your final distance is converted into donations to the Citadel of Rick redevelopment fund.

Created in a one week sprint, Flappy Rick is a single-page, two model CRUD app built with MVC file organization. User authentication is handled through JSON Web Tokens.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • AngularJS
  • P5.js
  • Ruby
  • Rails


Packages Used:

  • JWT
  • Express Session

API Used:

  • Self


  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome

I wanted to practice using p5.js for canvas interactivity and was also able to experiment with two additional p5 libraries: p5.dom and p5.sound. These allowed me to manipulate html elements outside of the canvas and add game sounds. Originally, I set up the game with p5.sound where the player had to shout at the computer mic to make Rick move up, but this made testing a little loud.

Additionally, I did some research on game sequence so my game didn't immediately start when the page opened. I came across finite state machine design. This allows for different game states to be triggered and in which order. In this case, the triggers are the ENTER key and when a user has lost all their lives. This was my favorite part of this build, as this was completely uncharted territory and at times frustrating. This application has three states: intro, gameplay, end.

Intro state


Gameplay state:

screencapture-flappyrick-herokuapp-1506480880443 1

End state:


User Stories:

The user profile of this application is twofold:

First, general users of this application are people who wish to play without saving their scores.

  • Users land on the home page and given instructions from Rick about how to save their scores or continue to free play
  • Users have 5 lives and lose a life each time their Rick collides with an obstacle

Another user of this application is the registered user who logs in to maintain their own profile and scores.

  • Registered users can log in to manage their profile content
  • Registered users can add a final score to their saved scores
  • Registered users can view their saved scores (with distance, difficulty, and time created), their all-time highscore, and their overall score
  • Registered users can delete their account

Future Features:

  • Create a leaderboard across all users
  • Remove difficulty slider and convert to levels that increase in difficulty.
  • Save scores to server automatically on GAME OVER. Remove need for user to manually save their score.
  • Allow for levels to be replayed instead of starting over entirely.
  • Sound can be toggled on/off
  • Add scream mode back, where users can move Rick by yelling and making other inhuman noises.
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