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Hi there πŸ‘‹

My name is Alex and I like creating things. Sometimes it's through drawing, sometimes it's through photography, sometimes it's just pen and paper but, if you're here, you probably care more about those things I create using code.

😎 Current Projects

This is my bot framework written in Go. It's fairly mature and polished and offers support for message threading, awareness of updated and deleted messages and concurrent processing of messages (for supporting plugins with slow/IO bound implementations).

This one is still in its infancy but Step Curry brings Fitbit steps challenges to slack. Users link their Fitbit accounts and then can challenge colleagues in a channel with ranking updates posted throughout the day. A hosted version is running and can be installed via this link.

Demo (back before the rename from Roger Challenger to Step Curry)

Step Curry

That one is a simple polling app that can be self-hosted. Why? Because you might be in an organization that has a rigorous process around installation and review of 3rd party apps and it's the way to do polling in slack while respecting those constraints.

A small tool to list go HTTP handler functions that can be used in continuous integration for deployment. Step Curry uses this to deploy its gcloud functions when a new tag is pushed.

πŸ§™Past/Complete Projects

This was my attempt / experiment at mixing behavioral science with diabetes management. I don't have a Dexcom anymore so I'm not actively developping it anymore but it's still running and I think it was good work.

⚑ Fun Facts About Me:

  • I learned to live on the road doing that for 1 year with my partner, 2 kids, dog and cat in our 1989 Volkswagen Vanagon.

  • I committed to making 1 public commit per day when working on glukit and got to a 200 days streak before reaching my goal. Yes, I still had a full-time day job and yes, I was pretty tired at the end.

pretty tired

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