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Ruby Notes

Alex's notes and slides for teaching Ruby


Alex Chaffee

Showing the slides

We use a Ruby app called deck to generate and serve the slides. Install deck like this:

gem install deckrb

And of course, before you can see these slides, you need to clone this repo and change into its directory:

git clone
cd ruby_notes

Showing all the slides

deck showoff.json

This will launch a local web server on port 4333. Open your browser to localhost:4333.

On a Mac you can run:

open http://localhost:4333

On Windows I think you can run:

start http://localhost:4333

Use arrow keys to navigate slides. Press '?' to see a help window.

Showing some of the slides

Same as above, but specify the slide files you want, e.g.

deck ruby-basics/


deck ruby-objects/ ruby-objects/

Editing slides

Slides are in Markdown format.

Image files should be in, or relative to, the same directory as the slide source file that refers to them.

Based upon and/or inspired by


This project is under an open source license. We're not sure exactly which one... probably MIT.

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