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This repository contains the Debian packaging files for the game pacman4console (console based pacman game).

If you're after the game pacman4console itself, go to it's homepage


Debian Packaging


This package is maintained on a Git repository through some important branches.

branch role
debian pacman4console and the debian package source code (debian directory)
upstream Everything that was on the original upstream tarball (orig.tar.gz)
pristine-tar Debian original tarball
readme This single file, explaining all that

Getting Started

To start working on this package, clone this repository along with all branches:

# Cloning the entire repository
$ git clone

# For now you have only the `readme` branch
$ git branch
* readme

# But the other branches are actually "hidden"
$ git branch -a
* readme

# So start working on one of them with this
# specific command:
$ git checkout -b debian origin/debian

# And by this moment you have this branch as "non-hidden"
# You can go back and forth as you like
$ git checkout -b readme
$ git checkout -b debian


  1. Remember that the debian is not the one you get right after cloning this repository!
  2. has a nice article on co-maintaining a Debian package with Git and git-buildpackage.