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This is a group of backends for company-mode providing auto-completion for AUCTeX.

It is adapted from auto-complete-auctex.

Please note that I am currently not using Emacs for LaTeX and therefore not maintaining this actively. Pull requests accepted.


  1. From MELPA (see for enabling it, if required):

     M-x package-install RET company-auctex RET
  2. From Github:

     git clone

In the initialization file (~/.emacs, ~/.emacs.d/init.el, etc.):

    (add-to-list 'load-path "path/to/company-auctex.el")
    (require 'company-auctex)

Then require the package and initialize it:



  • If company-backends is set directly without using push, add-to-list or similar functions (e.g. by Customize interface), (company-auctex-init) must be run after this (or its backends added to the same place).
  • This error can happen after updating to AUCTeX 11.88: Lisp error: (invalid-function TeX-auto-add-type) triggered by (require 'latex) in company-auctex. It seems to be caused by something in existing configuration and can also happen without company-auctex. Workarounds include: downgrading to 11.87; reinstalling AUCTeX; cleaning up cruft from custom-set-variables. See issue 1 for more details.


  1. Expand README (add features, screenshots).

  2. Support inserting Unicode characters in non-TeX modes (similar to ac-math).

  3. Some commands (\begin, \emph, etc.) aren't getting completed. Need to check if they are in any lists provided by AUCTeX.