Synchronize frequencies between rigctld and Gqrx
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Gqrx Panadapter

A Gqrx to Hamlib interface that keeps the frequency displayed in Gqrx synchronized with the frequency settings on your radio.

The IF output of the radio should be connected to a SDR, which is then received by Gqrx. This script continuously reads the frequency of the radio from rigctld and sets the LNB setting Gqrx.

Usage [-h] [-g P] [-r P] [-i T] [-f F]

optional arguments:
  -h,   --help            show this help message and exit
  -g P, --gqrx-port P     remote control port configured in Gqrx
  -r P, --rigctld-port P  listening port of rigctld
  -i T, --interval T      update interval in milliseconds
  -f F, --ifreq F         intermediate frequency in MHz

Make sure you configure remote control in Gqrx.