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A tmux nVIDIA gpu monitor. Inspired from rainbarf.


The script will obtain and display:

  • GPU usage which is averaged for multiple GPUs (left, green bars).
  • PCIe bandwidth usage also averaged (second from left, cyan bars).
  • Core temperature also averaged (third from left, red bar).
  • RAM usage also averaged (fourth from left, organge bars).


  • nvidia-settings check how your distro packages it, or use nVidia's binaries.
  • Node.js installed and configured
  • tmux-colors which you can install with npm install tmux-colors


Download the script in your .tmux/ directory:

mkdir .tmux/
wget ~/.tmux/gpu.js

I use vim-airline and tmuxline, so setting it is done by doing:

  • vim .vimrc and then edit it so that you load the monitor:
let g:tmuxline_preset = {
      \'a'    : '#S', 
      \'b'    : '#(node .tmux/gpu.js)',
      \'c'    : '',
      \'win'  : '#W #I',
      \'cwin' : '#W #I',
      \'x'    : '⇑ %R',
      \'y'    : '',
      \'z'    : '#H'}
  • run Tmuxline from within vim (this should update your tmux)
  • export the current look to a theme, by running TmuxlineSnapshot ~/.tmux/theme
  • finally, edit your .tmux.conf so that it loads your new theme:
source "~/.tmux/theme"

The script uses unicode boxes to plot the graph, thus make sure your terminal supports them. Feel free to hack into it. I have not tested it under OSX, only linux.