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SVG Splash Feature Requests 🚀

This repository is used to track SVG Splash feature requests and discussions. Click here to open a new feature request.

Suggesting Features

Many of the features in SVG Splash came from suggestions by you, the community! We welcome any ideas about how to make our product better for your use case. Unless there is overwhelming demand for a feature, it might not get implemented immediately, but please include as much information as possible that will help people have a discussion about your proposal:

  1. Use case: What are you trying to accomplish, in specific terms? Often, there might already be a good way to do what you need and a new feature is unnecessary, but it’s hard to know without information about the specific use case.

  2. Does this belong in SVG Splash? In many cases, the feature you're asking for has already been thought about. SVG Splash is designed to be a simple painting tool, not a full image editor.

Please keep in mind that feature requests should be well specified and unambiguous, to have the greatest chance of being worked on.

The issues area of this repo should be used to discuss new features and possible implementation designs. You can show your support for (or against!) features by using GitHub reactions, or by adding meaningful details which help the feature definition become more clear. Please do not comment with "+1" as it creates a lot of noise (e-mails, notifications, etc.).

Feature Request Issue Triage

Work with us to build a clear specification for the feature and update the issue description accordingly.



Track SVG Splash feature requests and discussions



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