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A python implementation of the Flickr API
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New Sample Project: Python Flickr API Shell
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Python Flickr API

As complete as possible implementation of Flickr API.

The project provides an almost exhaustive access to the Flickr API, through an object oriented Python interface.

The project is still at an early stage and requires a lot of testing. Any help including bug reports is appreciated.

Main features

  • Object Oriented implementation
  • (Almost) comprehensive implementation
  • uses OAuth for authentication
  • context sensitive objects (depending on the query context, objects may exhibit different attributes)
  • An interface for direct seamless calls to the Flickr API.
  • A (django-compliant) caching mechanism


* python >= 2.6.5 
* python-oauth (or the python module from alpha


From source

$ git clone
$ cd python-flickr-api
$ python install --user  # to install in the user directory (~/.local)
$ sudo python install    # to install globally

From Pypi

You can also install the last stable release using the pip progam:

$ pip install flickr_api --user  # to install in the user directory (~/.local)
$ sudo pip install flickr_api    # to install globally

See its Pypi page.


A short tutorial is available in the Wiki section.

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