🖱Simple smooth scrolling in JS
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🖱️ smooth-scrollr

Simple smooth scrolling and parallaxe module based on fake scroll events (aka wheel and touch and keyPress...).

Getting Started

Made as a prototype reveal based class, initialize the module to use it.


By using yarn: yarn add smooth-scrollr

or npm: npm i smooth-scrollr

import { SmoothScroll } from 'smooth-scrollr';

const opts = {
  parallax: true,
  touch: false,
  delay: .1,
  speed: .8,
  touchSpeed: 2,
  jump: 120,

const smoothscroll = new SmoothScroll(opts, 'fixedClass');

smoothscroll.start(); // run run run!

Notes about tools

  • ES6
  • Prototype reveal pattern
  • Preload media (images, video) system

Options and Settings

parallax - Boolean (optional | default: false) enable parallax on scroll from parallax module;

touch - Boolean (optional | default: false) enable smooth scroll on touch event;

delay - Number (optional | default: .1) easing value between 0 & 1;

speed - Number (optional | default: 1) speed value on the range 0-1 that is slowing the smoothing effect;

touchSpeed - Number (optional | default 1.5) the scrolling speed on touch event;

jump - Number (optional | default 110) the scrolling step on keyPress event;

fixedClass - String (optional) the class you want to set in order to fix the viewport (at least you need overflow: hidden and height: 100vh). If the smooth scrolling is activated on the device and there are not fixedClass defined, some inline style will be used.



In order to enable smoothscroll on the page. This method is required at first. At that point all the function parameters are loaded and are waiting for starting before running scroll animation. So you have to start smoothscroll after requesting for a new instance to allow user scrolling on the page. You can also use this method after setting preventScroll to true if you want to unfreeze the scroll.

smoothscroll.start(); // run smoothscroll


In order to bind scrolling events to the DOM and start a requestAnimationFrame (auto in new instance, use it after an unbind method)


In order to unbind scrolling events to the DOM and cancel the requestAnimationFrame


In order to destroy smooth-scroll class instance and all its properties.


In order to force scroll to a location on the webpage. This method has two parameters, the first one is for the location on the page (in px) and the second one is used to tell the method if you want a smooth scroll or an imediate position rendering (true/false).

smoothscroll.scrollTo(0, true); // go to the top without smoothing


preventScroll - setter

In order to freeze scrolling movement. Change this property by setting it to true/false.

smoothscroll.preventScroll = true; // freeze scroll
smoothscroll.preventScroll = false; // let it free




  • ScrollTo method
  • destroy method
  • init method to defered initialization
  • horizontal scroll support
  • add a scroll bar


MIT Licence -> see here