A Drupal distribution and installation profile for watershed organizations
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Watershed Now is a Drupal distribution developed to support the common content management, social media, online advocacy, fundraising, and geo-mapping needs of river conservation organizations.

This distribution is maintained by ThinkShout.com with active support from Water Words That Work and LevelOS. It is currently being developed in collaboration with River Network and Waterkeeper Alliance member organizations such as Yadkin Riverkeeper and the White Oak-New Riverkeeper.

Original theme concepts and all graphic design provided by Muscle + Bone [http://muscleandbonedesign.com].

The goal of this project is to allow river conservation organizations to "boot up" an effective, easy-to-use content management system on an inexpensive (most often shared) host in minimal time. Though partnerships with international conservation support organizations, we hope to be able disseminate training materials and support services for this distribution at low costs. Though collaborative fundraising among organizations using the distro, we hope to be able to continue to grow the suite of tools provided with this release.

This release is still under active development. We hope to provide our first alpha release of this distribution in late summer 2010.

Proposed Feature Set
* A "river conservation" starter theme with three sub-theme options
* A "river updates blog with a WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") text editor, "free tagging" and RSS feeds
* An "email-to-blog" service that supports rich HTML text and photo attachments.
* Feeds integration with the blog to allow site admins to setup various feeds (including email-to-blog tools like Posterous.com) to update their blog automatically.
* An event calendar with basic sign-up and volunteer management capacity
* A watershed map that allows organizations to place different icons on a map to point out pollution issues, points of interest, monitoring/restoration efforts, habitat, etc.
* A watershed multimedia gallery - allowing organizations to create customized slideshows as well as upload and place photos and videos on a map.
* Support of additional GeoRSS and KML data overlay on these watershed maps (to support polygon data and external data sources)
* Basic import/export of map data to and from spreadsheets.
* Integration with Twitter and Facebook to pull in content from these social channels.
* Basic "Donate Now" buttons and links connecting with third-party payment services such as Google Checkout and PayPal.
* Google Analytics Integration.
* Site-wide email contact forms.
* A survey form creation tool.
* A free e-advocacy legislative look-up and legislative e-petition feature, leveraging the VoteSmart.org API.
* Donation badges: Embeddable donation widgets that can be placed on other websites.


* If you have questions, please contact us @ http://thinkshout.com/contact.

* Please see our Licensing and Terms of Service explanation at: /docs/wn_distro_tos.pdf