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Backdrop Twilio collector

Sinatra app that receives data from Twilio and puts it into Backdrop.

It runs on Heroku.

Where it came from

This was a 2 day Christmas project that I worked on at the Government Digital Service at the end of 2013.

Backdrop is the data store and API behind the Performance Platform.

How it works

My Twilio trial account provides a UK phone number that is set up to POST to an endpoint I provide.

Twilio POSTs to the endpoint inside this app (/twilio/sms) with details of the SMS it has just received. This app processes the SMS, connects to Backdrop and then sends a response (if the trial account has enough credit).

Further development

  • Add a "secret word" to the beginning of your SMS to act as basic authentication
  • Move away from a single bucket (store multiple bucket names and tokens in a database)