var dumpling is a Chrome/Firefox extension that beautifies var_dump responses.
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A Google Chrome extension that beautifies your var_dumps and makes them easier for humans to comprehend automatically. No pre tags and no libraries needed!

##Example var_dumpling Alt text


###Google Chrome

Web Store

  • Download for free here.


  • On the chrome extensions page (chrome://chrome/extensions/) (make sure you have 'Developer Mode' checked)
  • click "Load unpacked extension.." and load the chrome directory.



  • Go to the add-ons manager (cmd shift A for OSX)
  • Under the settings button select "install add-on from file.."
  • Load the .xpi file located in /firefox/builds

Web Store

  • [Coming soon - after testing]

##Support Please feel free to create an issue for any problems you may find. If the issue is assosiated with a specific var_dump, please include it (if possible). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

inspired by JSONview