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Webpack and MarionetteJS

A small boilerplate introducing Webpack and es6 features through Babel to a CRUD Marionette/Backbone application.

Getting started

  • Install

    • Clone the repository: git clone
    • Inside this folder run: npm install
  • Build

    • npm run build - builds you project inside the /dist directory, notice that each route has a separate bundle thus allowing for lazy loading.
    • npm run analyze - creates a size report for bundled libraries
  • Development

    • npm run dev - launches the project through webpack-dev-server utilizing the configuration from webpack-dev.config and hotreload for css assets.
    • npm run dash - As above but uses webpack-dashboard
    • npm run eject - Deletes sample application leaving only the core files.
  • Test

    • npm test - Searches inside the tests folder of each component directory for .js files and runs them with mocha and chai over Karma.
    • npm run tdd - As above but watches files for changes and reruns tests.


  • Utilizes Backbone router along with Webpack requireContext so additional libraries utilized by a certain route are lazily added when the route loads. The routes are defined in the routes directory and a custom webpack plugin collects routes definition from the comments inside the routes folder.

  • ES6 async/await syntax

  • A basic structure, consisting of 3 folders, components which is used as a place to store your views, routes which is where you define your routes and route initializations (check example app for sample route definition), theme which stores tha application layout as well as global stylesheets.

Example app

The example app is an editable Cookbook, it utilizes a list of recipes taken from and packaged as a json file which is server by json-server, to run the json-server run npm run json, then in another terminal run npm run dev and navigate to localhost:1337. Inside the example app you can find a full collection of views and models allowing to do a full set of CRUD operations on a REST resource. The example app uses Backbone.paginator and Backbone.forms for creating forms based on the schemas in the models.


A small boilerplate introducing webpack and es6 features to a Marionette/Backbone application






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