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SL666 commented Dec 18, 2014

Hi -

Had some issues with the new version on my Flashforge setting the bed shape caused the print to run off the side - Settings were
Bed X 200
Bed Y 150

Origin X 100
Origin Y 75

bed_shape = -100x-75,100x-75,100x125,-100x125
in the config file
Setting this to
bed_shape = -100x-75,100x-75,100x75,-100x75

Corrected the printing off the side issue - looks like its calculating the 3rd & 4th co-ords off the X instead of Y.

Cheers SL.

alexrj commented Dec 18, 2014

I don't understand. What's wrong?
schermata 2014-12-18 a 10 31 15

alexrj commented Dec 18, 2014

The bed_shape line in the configuration file is totally correct according to the settings you entered. If you think there's something wrong you should tell it more clearly.

SL666 commented Dec 18, 2014

I disagree - with those settings the bed_shape config line creates a bed 200x200 not 200x150.

from the origin -100 : + 100
and -75 : +125

Both are fine in preview - but the gcode created ends up printing incorrectly.

sorry - I don't know how to explain it more clearly.

Cheers Steve.

SL666 commented Dec 18, 2014

Actually - while trying to grab screenshots - it actually looks like it might have occoured because a value isn't being 'saved' under some circumstance?


set to 200x150
100 75
click OK
go back in, and size is set to 200x200 (a size i had entered previously?)

Sorry if thats unclear/misleading.

It also appears to set the origin to the bottom left once you edit the Y value for the bed (in the image)
screenshot from 2014-12-18 21 06 37

and once you go back in -

screenshot from 2014-12-18 21 08 18

TTN- commented Dec 19, 2014

I found that setting the bed to rectangular 200x200, origin at 0,0 and exporting gcode goes as expected, the print is near the edge of my print bed at 100,100 (my printers origin is at the center of the bed, its a delta). Then changing the bed shape to a circle, with the origin in the center results in the print being centered at 100,100. After saving and restarting slic3r and generating the gcode again the print is centred around 0,0. Not an issue for me as restarting clears it up but fyi.

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alexrj commented Dec 21, 2014

@SL666, I can't reproduce that on OS X. I'll try on Ubuntu. What version are you using?

@Laura3, after you change the bed shape you still need to reposition your object in the plater. If you don't do that, the object will be placed at the same coordinates it was placed before.

@alexrj alexrj added the Ubuntu label Dec 21, 2014
SL666 commented Dec 21, 2014

Hi Alex -

I'm using 14.04 with perl 5.18.2 (earliest version available in ubuntu, yes, i know unsupported sorry).

If you want me to do some testing or anything I'm happy to try and help out.

Cheers Steve.

alexrj commented Dec 24, 2014

Okay, I was able to reproduce this on OS X as well. The steps for reproducing it are:

  1. Open the Bed Shape dialog
  2. Set a custom pair of coordinates for origin
  3. Click OK
  4. Reopen the Bed Shape dialog
  5. Modify the Y size of the bed

At that point, the graphical preview shows origin in the lower left corner while the origin coordinate fields specify the custom location entered at point 2. After closing and reopening, origin fields are set to 0,0.

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alexrj commented Dec 25, 2014

Fixed. Thank you!

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SL666 commented Dec 25, 2014

Thank you.
On 25/12/2014 12:36 PM, "Alessandro Ranellucci"

Fixed. Thank you!

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SL666 commented Dec 27, 2014

I can confirm this is fixed in ubuntu.

Thanks again.

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