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Fest Assertions 2.0 documentation

FEST Assertions 2.0 is a Java library that provides a fluent interface for writing assertions. Its main goal is to improve test code readability and make maintenance of tests easier.

FEST Assertions requires Java SE 6.0 or later and can be used with either JUnit or TestNG.

Latest news

2013-02-27 : Android compatibility releases - FEST assertions 2.0M10 and FEST Util 1.2.5
2013-02-25 : Compatibility and bugfix releases - FEST assertions 2.0M9, FEST Reflect 1.4.1 and FEST Util 1.2.4
2013-02-12 : FEST assertions for Joda Time 1.1.0 released
2013-02-07 : First release of FEST eclipse assertion generator plugin
2012-12-27 : First release of FEST assertions for Joda Time
2012-12-18 : First release of FEST assertions for Guava
2012-10-15 : First release of Maven assertion generator plugin
2012-10-14 : First release of FEST assertion generator
2012-09-23 : FEST 2.0M8 release
2012-07-29 : FEST 2.0M7 release
2012-06-23 : FEST 2.0M6 release
2012-06-03 : FEST 2.0M5 release
2012-05-20 : FEST 2.0M4 release
2012-05-08 : FEST 2.0M3 release
2012-04-19 : FEST 2.0M2 release
2012-04-14 : FEST 2.0M1 release

See New and noteworthy in FEST Assertions 2.0 for details or directly release-notes.txt

Getting started

Quick start : just have a look at our One minute starting guide!

Replace JUnit assertions by FEST assertions : we have a guide to easily convert JUnit assertions to FEST Assertions, check this page (note also that we plan to write an eclipse plugin to do this conversion task).

If you were already using FEST 1.4, have a look at our migration guide, it describes the breaking changes, but don't worry it should be easy to migrate.

If you have any questions, please use FEST user mailing list.

Working with FEST Assertions 2.0

  1. New and noteworthy in FEST Assertions 2.0
  2. Using FEST Assertions
  3. Extending FEST Assertions
    1. Using custom conditions
    2. Creating your own specific assertion
  4. Tips and tricks
  5. Learn by examples

FEST Assertions modules

In addition to java core assertions, FEST modules provides assertions for :

Contributing to FEST Assertions 2.0

You are very welcome to contribute, we really want to offer the richer and easy to use assertions API, so ideas from our users are very appreciated.

Contributing is easy and we try to help people contributing, have a look at the contributor guidelines!


Thanks to Cloudbees for their FOSS program that allows FEST to have a Jenkins CI ! Our jenkins CI is here :

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