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Provides an API-Wrapper for Twitter to use as ZF2-Module.
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ZendTwitterApi is a very simple Zend-Framework 2-Module, which wraps J7mbo's PHP Twitter API. ZendTwitterApi provides a service which can be retrieved from the ServiceManager. 'OAuth'-Tokens, -secrets and so on, can be specified in your config-file.

This means, that this module itself doesn't do anything. It's up to you to build modules using this API.


Installation can be done through composer.

Just add

"alexsawallich/zend-twitter-api": "dev-master"

to your application's composer.json and execute php composer.phar update.

Then copy vendor/alexsawallich/zend-twitter-api/config/ from to ./autoload/ Open the copied file and set the options, according to your twitter-application.

If you don't have a twitter-application yet, you can register one for free here: Twitter Application Management.


Anywhere in your code, where you have access to the ServiceLocator you can do the following:

$twitterApi = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('ZendTwitterApi');

What to do now?

Check out the GitHub-page of J7mbo's PHP Twitter API to see what you can do with the API.

An example to get the 3 latest tweets for the user @alexsawallichde would be:

$api = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('ZendTwitterApi');
$url = '';
$getfield = '?count=3&trim_user=1&exclude_replies=1&user_id=alexsawallichde';
$latestTweets = $api->setGetfield($getfield)
                    ->buildOauth($url, 'GET')

$json = json_decode($latestTweets);

A possible use-case would be to put something like the given example into a view-helper.

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