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Xamarin.Android bindings for https://github.com/googlemaps/android-maps-utils

Samples and other information about Android Maps Utils on official Android maps utils website

Available as NuGet package Xamarin.Android.Maps.Utils


  1. Manage marker clusters

Screenshot from Xamarin.Android app with customized markers:

Clustering in Xamarin.Android app with customized markers

  1. Import GeoJSON onto your map

  2. Import KML onto your map

  3. Add heatmaps to your map

  4. Customize markers via bubble icons

  5. Encode and decode polylines

  6. Calculate distances, areas and headings via spherical geometry

Other information

Compiled against googlemaps/android-maps-utils@3cba85f04a79095160015f62a8438eb76adbbe6f

Demo from googlemaps/android-maps-utils repository: