Unofficial wrapper for the Questrade REST API written in Go.
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qapi is an abstraction over the Questrade REST API, written in Go.

##Logging In You will need to sign up for a practice account, or create an API key for your trading account. You can do so at

To login, you will need to provide the refresh token generated on the Questrade API admin site During login, the refresh token is exchanged for an access token, which qapi uses to make authenticated API calls. Upon successful login, Questrade returns a replacement refresh token, which is necessary to login again after the current session expires. See for more info.


// Create a new client on the practice server
client, err := qapi.NewClient("< REFRESH TOKEN >", true)

// Get accounts
userId, accts, err := client.GetAccounts()

// Get balances for the first account
balances, err := client.GetBalances(accts[0].Number)

// Print the market value of the combined balances
for _, b := range balances.CombinedBalances {
    fmt.Printf("Market Value: $%.2f %s\n", b.MarketValue, b.Currency)

// To get a quote the API uses internal symbol ID’s.
results, err := client.SearchSymbols("AAPL", 0)

var symId int
for _, r := range results {
    if r.Symbol == "AAPL" && r.ListingExchange == "NASDAQ" {
        symId = r.SymbolID

// Get a real-time quote - qapi supports getting quotes of multiple symbols with GetQuotes()
quote, err := client.GetQuote(symId)
fmt.Printf("AAPL Bid Price: $%.2f\n", quote.BidPrice)

// Create an order request
req := qapi.OrderRequest{
    AccountID: accts[0].Number,
    SymbolID: symId,
    Quantity: 10,
    OrderType: "Limit",
    LimitPrice: 10.00,
    TimeInForce: "Day",
    Action: "Buy",
    PrimaryRoute: "AUTO",
    SecondaryRoute: "AUTO",

// Get the impact the order will have on your selected account
impact, err := client.GetOrderImpact(req)
fmt.Printf("Buying power effect: $%.2f\n", impact.BuyingPowerEffect)

// Place the order and print the OrderID
orders, err := client.PlaceOrder(req)
fmt.Printf("Order ID: %d", orders[0].ID)
// Delete the order
err :- client.DeleteOrder(req.AccountID, orders[0].ID)

// We’re done with the application forever - deauthorize the API key

For an example program that uses this library check out my S&P 500 candlestick data scraping program


  • Start writing tests.
  • Verify some of the enumerations in the API responses - some of them on the documentation site appears incomplete

##Disclaimer NOTE - This library is not endorsed or supported by Questrade in any way, shape or form. This library is released under the MIT License.