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This project includes utilities for generating sentences with certain grammatical properties.


A shared vocabulary is vocabulary.csv to be read by the code.

The utils package contains shared functionality for reading the vocab and accessing fields.

The generation_projects package contains scripts for specific generated datasets.


The vocabulary lives in vocabulary.csv.

If you add a new column, you must update utils/

If you add a new row, definitely fill out all the relevant selectional restrictions.

Selectional restrictions are written in disjunctive normal form: A single condition is written as LABEL=VALUE. The symbol ";" is used for disjunction. The symbol "^" is used for conjunction. The entire selectional restriction should be written in the from a1^...^an;...;z1^...^zn. This matches any vocab item which matches conditions all of a1, ...., and an, OR ..., OR all of z1, ..., and zn

UTILS utils.conjugate includes functions which conjugate verbs and add selecting auxiliaries/modals utils.constituent_building includes functions which "do syntax": - build a subject relative clause from a head (subject_relative_clause) - gather all arguments of a verb (verb_args_from_verb) utils.data_type contains the all-important data_type necessary for the numpy structured array data structure used in the vocabulary utils.string_utils contains functions for modifying strings utils.vocab_table contains functions for creating and accessing the vocabulary table - get_all gathers all vocab items with a given restriction - get_all_conjunctive gathers all vocab items with the given restrictions

DOCUMENTATION Within each project's output directory, there is (should be) a docs document which explains: - the metadata in the output file - the data paradigm

GENERATION PROJECTS long distance npi plurality structure dependence

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