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Module: Camera

The camera module allows you to display a webcamera video feed on your MagicMirror. The webcamera needs to be connected to the Raspberry Pi via USB. This module also allows you to make "selfie" photo snapshots with the camera and send them via specified email account.

Using the module

To use camera module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file with the following settings:

modules: [
    module: 'camera',
    position: 'top_center',
    config: selfieInterval: 3,  // Time interval in seconds before the photo will be taken.
		emailConfig: {
			service: 'Hotmail', // Email provider to use to send email with a photo.
			auth: {
				user: '<>', // Your email account
				pass: '<password>'        // Your password for email account

Here is a list of the supported Email providers:

Service names are case insensitive

  • '1und1'
  • 'AOL'
  • ''
  • 'DynectEmail'
  • 'FastMail'
  • 'GandiMail'
  • 'Gmail'
  • 'Godaddy'
  • 'GodaddyAsia'
  • 'GodaddyEurope'
  • ''
  • 'Hotmail'
  • 'iCloud'
  • ''
  • ''
  • 'Mailgun'
  • 'Mailjet'
  • 'Mandrill'
  • 'Naver'
  • 'OpenMailBox'
  • 'Postmark'
  • 'QQ'
  • 'QQex'
  • 'SendCloud'
  • 'SendGrid'
  • 'SES'
  • 'SES-US-EAST-1'
  • 'SES-US-WEST-2'
  • 'SES-EU-WEST-1'
  • 'Sparkpost'
  • 'Yahoo'
  • 'Yandex'
  • 'Zoho'

To use Gmail you may need to configure "Allow Less Secure Apps" in your Gmail account unless you are using 2FA in which case you would have to create an Application Specific password. You also may need to unlock your account with "Allow access to your Google account" to use SMTP.

The camera module is using the nodemailer to send email, so please refer to its original documentation if you have any problems.

The camera module works together with the Voice Control module which you will also need to install on your mirror.

The camera module will be reacting on the notification messages that are send from the voice control module to show/hide camera or make a snapshot.

In order to enable this functionality you will need to create a trained model for each command/keyword at In particular you will need to create models for `Show Camera', 'Hide Camera' and 'Selfie'.

Download the gerenated models and copy them into the root of the MagicMirror directory.


  • Clone the module into your modules folder in the MagicMirror's code location by running this command:
git clone
  • Navigate to the camera sub folder: cd camera and run the following command to install node.js dependencies:
npm install
  • If you have not already done so install the Voice Control module by running the following command in the `modules' folder:
git clone

Check the for the Voice Control module to configure it for the MagicMirror.

  • In order to use the generated models mentioned above, update the configuration section for the voicecontrol module to look like this:
	module: 'voicecontrol',
	position: 'bottom_left',
	config: {
		models: [
				keyword: "Show Camera",
				description: "Say 'Show Camera' to display camera",
				file: "showCamera.pmdl",
				message: "SHOW_CAMERA"
				keyword: "Hide Camera",
				description: "Say 'Hide Camera' to hide camera",
				file: "hideCamera.pmdl",
				message: "HIDE_CAMERA"
				keyword: "Selfie",
				description: "Say 'Selfie' when camera is visible",
				file: "selfie.pmdl",
				message: "SELFIE"


Camera module for MagicMirror



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