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My solutions for
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01.html target 1 @ 56 (not mine) Apr 5, 2019
02.html used border:dashed + clip-path:inset (-8 bytes) Apr 10, 2019
03.html Remove useless 0 Apr 12, 2019
05.html redo 5 as svg Apr 16, 2019
06.html cm + % for another byte Apr 8, 2019
07.html Cheeky rgba, -2 bytes Apr 23, 2019
08.html Shave commas Apr 9, 2019
09.html always have rules with parens at the end to save a byte Apr 9, 2019
12.html useless comma Apr 9, 2019 Create Apr 10, 2019
LICENSE helpin' folks out Apr 10, 2019

These are my submissions for

Feel free to take these as starting points for your own submissions or ask questions.

Pull request with minor changes (missed whitespace, units) are welcome, but I'd prefer nothing with major strategy differences as I'd like to avoid spoilers for myself.

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