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@alexzielenski alexzielenski released this Jun 13, 2020

[New] Switched Version numbering system to build number
[New] Update to fresher new icon courtesy of Allan Nyholm
[New] Change to using EdDSA for signing future updates
[Fix] Dragging out cursor images washes out color
[Fix] Adding frames to animated cursor washes out color

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Jun 13, 2020


stop using PNGs for mousecape files since they ruin colorspace inform…

@alexzielenski alexzielenski released this Oct 15, 2019

[x] Fix memory leak
[x] Fix helper tool instant crashing from earlier betas

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@alexzielenski alexzielenski released this Dec 31, 2018

[Fix] Test build for attempted fix of #89.
[Fix] OS X changed to no longer re-initialize missing cursor images that Mousecape resets. Mousecape now manually reinitializes reset cursor images.
[Fix] Dark Mode Appearance
[New] Applied Cape is now re-applied every time Mousecape is opened

s/o to Allan Nyholm Nielson just for being the man

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Dec 31, 2018
bump version

@alexzielenski alexzielenski released this Sep 23, 2014


It is a tool for converting a horizontal animated images into vertical ones expected by Mousecape.


/path/to/cursorflip /path/to/image.png num_fames

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@alexzielenski alexzielenski released this Jul 26, 2014

  • [New] information in read me on how to animate cursors
  • [New] Ability to export cursors by holding the alt key when dragging from the edit window
  • [New] Ability to dump currently applied cursors from Capes menu
  • [Fix] Checking for existing identifiers already in library
  • [Fix] Inaccurate hotspot dot in edit window
  • [New] First image dragged in to edit window drop zone defines the cursor size
  • [New] Drag in multiple images of the same size to animate
  • [New] Holt alt key while dragging a cursor image in to add it as a frame
  • [Fix] Adding a cursor to the library by opening it without the app open
  • [Fix] Identifier renames not being saved
  • [New] Sort cursors within a cape by name in library window
  • [New] Preference for left-handed users that flips all pointer images
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@alexzielenski alexzielenski released this Jul 2, 2014

  • FIX edit window keeping the application alive when the main window was closed
  • FIX hidden files in the cursor library being processed
  • FIX contextual menu actions greyed out
  • FIX inability to drag images into the boxes
  • FIX drag cloud cursor persisting after an image was removed
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@alexzielenski alexzielenski released this Jun 19, 2014

This update rewrites the helper tool functionality and installation. It also makes Mousecape compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite and adds previews of cursor libraries to the main library window.

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@alexzielenski alexzielenski released this Feb 15, 2014

Merge pull request #20 from alexzielenski/dev

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