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Alien Albert Visits the United States of America
Created by Mary Pattison

This is an educational computer game designed to teach U.S.A. geography,
specificaly, the states and capitals. It was built using Visual Basic
in Visual Studio Express for Desktop 2012. It was ispired by Swamp Gas Visits the USA, a game released in 1990 for Macintosh.

In this game, the user is an alien named Albert (previously named Frank) who is invading the U.S.A.
Albert will randomly move from state to state and will ask the user to enter the
capitals (with correct spelling) to complete the mission. Each capital that is 
answered correctly awards the user one point. 
High scores can be saved using the 'Save Score' button. This saves the scores
as a .txt file in the 'bin' folder of the project folder, under 'Debug'.

The user can choose from three missions: 10 states, 25 states, 50 states.
When all the states in the mission have been completed, the user's score will 
be shown. The score can be checked at any time during the game with the 
'Show Score' button.

This program incorporates animation, randomization, 
loops, If statements, Try statements, Arrays, structures and more.


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