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A £35 dual-universe ArtNet node
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Arduino-based ArtNet Node v1

This is a device that converts an ArtNet signal to two universes of DMX. I've tested it as working fully with QLC+ and ETC Nomad on both universes, at standard frame rates.

Apologies for the state of the Fritzing file, I'll clean it up when I can be bothered. You need to use Arduino 0023 and the bundled libraries, because some registers were renamed after Arduino 1.0.


  • Two Universe ArtNet to DMX
  • Option of both 5-pin and 3-pin output for both universes
  • LCD Screen displaying IP address (for now, IP address needs to be manually assigned)
  • RGB LED displaying online/offline state (detects being connected to network and receiving valid packets)
  • Small form-factor


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