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Convert bitmap fonts to ttf fonts using font forge.

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Bitmap2ttf converts (monochrome) bitmap fonts into ttf fonts.

There are three parts:
  - Traces each bitmap into a series of polygons.
  - makes the polygons into svg files, and writes a script for font forge
    to convert the svgs into a ttf font.

loader of your choice/implementation:
  - currently there is only one loader:
      - loader for PCF bitmap fonts. 
        usage: ./ font.pcf
      - loader for amiga diskfonts (eg topaz)
        usage: ./ topaz/11
        Amiga diskfonts are multiple files in a directory. 
        The output will be named after the directory.

The program is structured to make it easy to implement a loader for a font 
format of your choice. All you need is to supply a dict object to
which contains contains the key=>value pairs: 

character unicode value => Image

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