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G3D is a javascript 3D engine based on WebGL. Compared with other WebGL 3D engines, G3D is a pure render engine, which means it depends on no DOM APIs but just a canvas(or canvas-like) object. This feature makes it possible that G3D works not only in browser but also in some hybrid environments like GCanvas (Weex or ReactNative).

See website for more information.


G3D 是一款基于 WebGL 的 javascript 3D 绘图引擎。与其他的 WebGL 3D 引擎相比,G3D 是更加「纯粹」的渲染引擎,也就是说,它完全不依赖任何 DOM API,而是仅仅依赖一个 canvas 对象(或者类 canvas 对象)。该特性使得 G3D 不仅能够运行在浏览器环境中,也能够运行在一些非浏览器的 js 终端环境下(hybrid 环境),比如 GCanvas 环境(基于 Weex 或 ReactNative)。