StarCraft environment for OpenAI Gym, based on Facebook's TorchCraft. (In progress)
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Gym StarCraft is an environment bundle for OpenAI Gym. It is based on Facebook's TorchCraft, which is a bridge between Torch and StarCraft for AI research.


  1. Install OpenAI Gym and its dependencies.

  2. Install TorchCraft and its dependencies. You can skip the torch client part.

  3. Install torchcraft-py and its dependencies.

  4. Install the package itself:

    git clone
    cd gym-starcraft
    pip install -e .


  1. Start StarCraft server with BWAPI by Chaoslauncher.

  2. Run examples:

    cd examples
    python --ip $server_ip --port $server_port 

    The $server_ip and $server_port are the ip and port of the server running StarCraft.