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Releases: aliceandbob-io/aliceandbob-desktop


09 Oct 18:27
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New features

Update the openpgp.js version to the last stable version v5.3.0
Openpgp is now installed as a npm package.
A reference to the MIT license is added.

Add .asc download

馃憤 Fixes and updates

Fix Stimulus references
Update packages, notably electron and webpack
New up to date material-icons package
Fix scss and font reference

鈿狅笍 Breaking changes

brainpool and secp256k1 curves are no longer available.
Generation of a key pair, encryption and decryption are no longer available with these curves.
See this openpgp.js issue for more information.
Reference to this issue is also added to the generate page.


13 Mar 18:08
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JQuery wasn't properly loaded. This new release fixes the issue.

Closes #9

1.0.0-beta.2 - Add encryption options

08 Aug 11:37
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Add the possibility to choose from different encryption options when generating a key pair.

Beta version

06 Feb 17:26
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Initial release