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a collection of some of my websites & online work (salvage what u will)
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This is the repo where I'm sharing some of my websites, or web related scripts (that might be useful to salvage)...
It includes the site for, the Electric Zine Maker, and Unicornycopia, as well as the Tetrageddon presskit.

There are some useful things here...

I would like to point attention to background-image_slideshow and photo_gallery which are components written for the Playdate Pop Up website.
* background-image_slideshow loads a slideshow into the background. It has a lovely CSS fade in and fade out state. It controls the CSS animation when loading and unloading an image. You can also set the rate at which the slideshow changes. This is useful for websites that want a full width/height slideshow in the background.

* photo_gallery is a simple image gallery. It has thumbnails, you can order photo collections by category (select which collection), and page back and forth between them.
Photos load full screen and you can page through them from that fullscreen window. It could be useful for photography, or sharing screenshots of your game.

I'll probably update this repo with more work as I find it or clean it up for sharing.
I didn't look through many of these and am sharing as-is.
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