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Reem Kufi


Reem Kufi (كوفي ريم) is a Kufic typeface based on early Kufic (Mushafi) models, but retrofitted to the Fatimid Kufic grid and with borrowing from its forms. Reem Kufi is largely based on the Kufic designs of the late master of Arabic calligraphy Mohammad Abdul Qadir who revived this art in the 20th century and formalised its rules.

Reem Kufi is particularly suitable for display settings, in titles or decorations. Due to its unmistakable old Kufic style, it gives a feeling of something old, historical, or Islamic.

Some glyphs in Reem Kufi has several alternate variants that can work better for different situations, they can be accessed with “Character Variant” features (cv01, cv02, and so on).

Reem is an Arabic female name that literally means “a white deer” and it so happens to be the name of my daughter.


Reem Kufi comes in two flavours, a variable font that has all the font styles in the same file, and allow dynamic changes of the font weight, and a set of static instances for specific font weights.

The variable font file is ReemKufi.otf and the static instances has the style as part of the file name (e.g. ReemKufi-Regular.otf). It is not recommended to install both variable font and the static instances at the same time, as it would confuse some applications. You should install either of them based on the degree of variable font support in the software you use.