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Project to collect #codenewbie tweets, display them in a webapp, create a new api endpoint, and inspire more first-time open source contributors!
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Code Newbie

I created this project to practice pulling data from an API, storing that data in a database, displaying the data in a pretty way, and creating a new API endpoint using the data. Through the project I also hope to provide a forum for others who want to learn about these topics or contribute to an open-source project for the first time.

Getting Started

  • pip install -r requirements.txt to make sure you have everything you need to run the program. Doing so in a virtual environment is recommended!

  • Create a directory called secret with an empty file inside. Make a file in the secret directory (based on the and populate it with your Twitter API credentials.

  • If you want to alter the default behavior, you can export any of the following environment variables:

    • NEWBIE_TWEETS_DB_URI to override the DEFAULT_DB_URI specified in

    • NEWBIE_TWEETS_LISTEN_HOST to override the DEFAULT_LISTEN_HOST specified in

    • NEWBIE_TWEETS_LISTEN_PORT to override the DEFAULT_LISTEN_PORT specified in

  • I still need to create a seed file for the database for others to get up and running with the project. Stay tuned!


Please check out the existing issues or create a new issue and assign it to yourself. Fork this repository then submit a pull request to contribute to this project. Feel free to add your github handle to the friends page to be recognized as a project contributor :)

Questions or Suggestions?

Let me know @aliglenesk

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