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简介 Introduction

SoloPi is a wireless, non-invasive automation testing tool in android system, there are three main functionalities in public beta edition includes, record and replay, performance testing, control multiple phones from one phone(OneToMany).

If you are first time SoloPi User, Please read the SoloPi first time user instructions, then read the document below.


SoloPi的 FAQ 文档
SoloPi’s FAQ document


录制回放 Record and Replay

SoloPi has the ability to record user actions on the mobile phone, user only needs to record the detailed steps they want to test for their app as test cases. The recorded test cases can be replayed on any other android mobile devices. For more details, please read record and replay section.

性能工具 Performance Testing Tool

Soloπ can record app performance metrics, you can monitor app live performance data within the floating windows or record the app performance and visualize the data into chart. SoloPi also supports benchmark app testing through add load into CPU and Memory, User can monitor the app performance in different scenarios, replicate the performance issues under certain circumstances.

SoloPi also provides load time testing tool, which can be done through 2 clicks, this tool calculates the loading time performance which matches user experience. Load Time testing tool supports remote control through UI automation testing. For details, please read performance testing tools.

一机多控 OneToMany

SoloPi support testing multiple android mobile through one device, User only need to operate on one device once and SoloPi will replay action to multiple devices in real time, which improves testing efficiency and testing coverage. For details, check “One to Many” section

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