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Fake data generator
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Phony is fake data generate with cats library.

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Quick Start

To use Phony in an existing SBT project with Scala 2.11 and 2.12, add the following dependency to your build.sbt:

resolvers += "phony" at ""

libraryDependencies += "com.github.alirezameskin" %% "phony-core" % "0.3.1"


  import phony.Phony
  import scala.util.Try
  import phony.instances.try_.languages.ENGLISH
  import phony.instances.try_._

  val bio = Phony[Try].lorem.text
  import phony.Phony
  import phony.instances.either.languages.ENGLISH
  import phony.instances.either._

  type EitherA[A] = Either[Throwable, A]
  val bio = Phony[EitherA].lorem.text

Using with cats-effect

resolvers += "phony" at ""

libraryDependencies += "com.github.alirezameskin" %% "phony-cats-effect" % "0.3.0-snapshot"
  import cats.effect.IO
  import phony.Phony

  val bio = Phony[IO].lorem.text

Using with fs2

  import cats.effect.IO
  import fs2._
  import phony.Phony

  case class Contact(firstName :String, lastName : String, age:Int)

  val contact = for {
    firstName <- Phony[IO].name.firstName
    lastName  <- Phony[IO].name.lastName
    age       <- Phony[IO].alphanumeric.number(18, 68)
  } yield Contact(firstName, lastName, age)

  val stream = Stream.eval(contact)



  def char: F[Char]
  def boolean: F[Boolean]
  def float: F[Float]
  def number: F[Int]
  def number(max: Int)
  def number(min: Int, max: Int): F[Int]
  def custom(format: String) //format replace # with random number and replace ? with random character
  def hash: F[String]
  def hash(length: Int): F[String]


  def year: F[Int]
  def day: F[String]
  def month: F[String]
  def time24h: F[String]
  def time12h: F[String]
  def date: F[Date]
  def date(format: String = "yyyy-MM-dd"): F[Date]
  def iso8601:F[String]
  def timezone: F[String]


  def firstName: F[String]
  def lastName: F[String]
  def prefix: F[String]
  def suffix: F[String]
  def fullName: F[String]
  def fullName(withPrefix: Boolean = false, withSuffix: Boolean = false): F[String]
  def username: F[String]
  def phone: F[String]
  def cellPhone: F[String]


  def uuid: F[String]
  def email: F[String]
  def password: F[String]
  def domain: F[String]
  def hostname: F[String]
  def protocol: F[String]
  def url: F[String]
  def ip: F[String]
  def ipv6: F[String]
  def hashtag: F[String]


  def word: F[String]
  def words: F[List[String]]
  def words(length: Int): F[List[String]]
  def sentence: F[String]
  def text: F[String]
  def sentence(size: Int): F[String]
  def text(lines: Int): F[String]


  def latitude: F[String]
  def longitude: F[String]
  def country: F[]
  def countryName: F[String]
  def countryCode: F[String]
  def postalCode: F[String]
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