Standalone executable that compiles *.coffee to *.js. Options are compatible with the original coffee command.
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This compiler is obsolete

Instead, use these simple official installation steps:

  1. Download and run Node.js installer.
  2. Run on the command line: npm install -g coffee-script
  3. That's all. You can now run coffee from any directory.

Old description

This is a standalone CoffeeScript compiler for Windows. Download coffee.exe to your Windows directory, or add it to your %PATH%. Usage is identical to the original coffee command, except that --watch is not supported:

-c, --compile       compile to JavaScript and save as .js files
-o, --output [DIR]  set the directory for compiled JavaScript
-j, --join [FILE]   concatenate the scripts before compiling
-b, --bare          compile without the top-level function wrapper
-v, --version       display CoffeeScript version
-h, --help          display a list of available options

If a directory is specified as a source, all .coffee files in that directory will be compiled recursively.

To update CoffeeScript:

  • Download latest coffee-script.js to the same directory as coffee.exe
  • Check version: coffee --version