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A micro library for converting non-english digits in elixir.
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A micro library for converting non-english UTF8 digits. (like ۱=1, ۲=2)

Supported languages

Almost all numbers defined in Unicode is supported in Numero.

For more info on supported characters you can visit here


Numero can be installed by adding numero to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
  [{:numero, "~> 0.3.0"}]

Using Numero

On strings for strings:

result = Numero.normalize("1۲۳۰4a۳tس")
# result = "12304a3tس"

Smart numeric convert:

(Convert numbers to Integer or Float based on input string)

result = Numero.normalize_as_number("1۲۳۰4۳")
# result = {:ok, 123043}

result = Numero.normalize_as_number("1۲۳۰4۳.۴5")
# result = {:ok, 123043.45}

result = Numero.normalize_as_number!("1۲۳۰4۳.۴5")
# result = 123043.45

Strip all non numeric chars from a string:

result = Numero.remove_non_digits("12 345abs")
# result = "12345"

# Or even make exceptions for some chars like 'a' and ' ' (space)
result = Numero.remove_non_digits("12 345bas", ~c[a ])
# result = "12 345a"

Checking if a string is all numbers

result = Numero.digit_only?("1234567890")
# result = true

result = Numero.digit_only?("1234567890.a")
# result = false

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