Simple IR RGB Led library for Arduino
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This is the RgbIrLed library for the Arduino.

This library contains no methods, it is simply a mapping of codes for use with IR Remote library to enable an arduino to control some IR RGB LED lamps.

Currently there are mappings for two types of IR RGB LED Remotes 
Type 0: APA 1616 24 Button Remote
Type 1: LED 618 24 Button Remote

More will be added as the remotes are acquired. 

Currently Type 0 and Type 1 do not conflict with each others commands so it is possible to control 2 channels, possibly more if there are other devices using 

To install, move the downloaded RgbIrLed directory to:
where arduino-1.x is your Arduino installation directory

After installation you should have files such as:

For details on this library see the github