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send notice to your microblogging service from Rhythmbox (DEAD)
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microblogger.plugin Update

** Buggy! report bugs!


depends on : httplib, rhythmbox3, gtk3

git clone git://
cd rhythmbox-microblogger
sudo make install

Install on Gnome2

if you are using gnome2 you can install the older version.

mkdir -p ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins
cd ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins
git clone git://
cd rhythmbox-microblogger/
git checkout Gnome2

restart rhythmbox and in Edit->Plugins activae microblogger. use Prefrences button to add accounts. close window when done

Press Ctrl+M in rhythmbox main window to show Message box then click on send to send notice.

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