A user friendly command line tool to access AliCloud OSS.
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Alibaba Cloud OSSUTIL

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  • This tool is developed with Go and built on the official GO SDK 1.6.0 of OSS Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service.
  • OSS is a cloud storage service provided by Alibaba Cloud, featuring massive capacity, security, low cost, and high reliability.
  • OSS can store any type of files. It applies to various websites, development enterprises and developers.
  • This tool aims to provide a convenient-to-use command line for users to manage data in OSS.
  • The current version provides to list and delete multipart upload tasks.
  • The current version does not support bucket management. The feature will be available in future versions.


  • Current version: 1.4.2.

Run environment

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac

Dependent libraries

  • goopt (github.com/droundy/goopt)
  • configparser (github.com/alyu/configparser)
  • leveldb (github.com/syndtr/goleveldb/leveldb)
  • oss (github.com/aliyun/aliyun-oss-go-sdk/oss)
  • gopkg.in/check.v1 (gopkg.in/check.v1)

Quick use

Get the command list

    or ./ossutil help

View the help documentation for a command

    ./ossutil help cmd 

Configure OSSUTIL

    ./ossutil config

List buckets

    ./ossutil ls
    or ./ossutil ls oss://

List objects and multipart upload tasks

    ./ossutil ls -a
    or ./ossutil ls oss:// -a

Upload a file

    ./ossutil cp localfile oss://bucket


You can use ./ossutil help cmd to view the help documentation for the command you want to use.



  • First, configure your Go project directory.
  • Use go get to get the library that ossutil depends on.
  • Run go get github.com/aliyun/ossutil.
  • Enter the src directory under the Go project directory and build to generate the OSSUTIL tool. For example, on Linux, you can run go build github.com/aliyun/ossutil/ossutil.go.
  • Refer to the example above to run the OSSUTIL tool.


  • Enter the src directory under the Go project directory and modify the endpoint, AccessKeyId, AccessKeySecret and STSToken configuration items in the github.com/aliyun/ossutil/lib/command_test.go.
  • Run go test under the lib directory.

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