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Statefun Rust SDK

An SDK for writing stateful functions in Rust. See the Apache Flink Stateful Functions website for more information about the project.

Supported StateFun API version

This library currently targets Statefun v3.2.0.

Changes since v3.x of Apache Statefun

Please note that Apache Statefun v3.x has API breaking changes. This version of the Rust SDK only supports v3.x of the Apache Statefun protocol.

Please note that the new version of this Rust SDK requires user code to implement the new Serializable and TypeName traits. Refer to the example code on how to do this yourself.

Validation & Support

Please note this project is maintained by volunteers and is not officially supported by the Apache Flink Statefun project.

Furthermore some features & client-side validation may be missing (e.g. validation on the length / charset of a function's type name).

How to use

There are a few examples provided in the ./examples directory. Please refer to each example's readme file fore more info.

Please also refer to the documentation to learn more on how to set up & use the Statefun cluster.


You need to have the Protobuf compiler protoc available in your $PATH. On macOS you can install this via

brew install protobuf