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.settings Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch_9_5_x' into branch_10_0_x
doc Improved java doc generation for Java 7.
lib Removing dependency to external jar.
modules Changed link handling to allow links to static resources.
src-gwt/org/opencms Merge branch 'branch_10_alpha1_bugfixes' into branch_10_0_x
src-modules/org/opencms Removing dependencies to old login dialog.
src-setup Removing no longer needed preload function.
src Changed link handling to allow links to static resources.
test-gwt/org/opencms Merge branch 'branch_9_5_x' into branch_10_0_x
test Fixing test case issues when running within the Java 8 VM.
webapp Fixing default preference issue.
.checkstyle Added Java doc suppress warnings to the UAgentInfo class and removed it
.classpath First step to separate old workplace dialog classes from the opencms
.gitignore Added separate output folder for classes from test/.
CheckStyle_OpenCms_Suppression.xml Updated checkstyle settings with a suppression filter.
Checkstyle_OpenCms.xml Removed now unsupported checkstyle option Removing dependency to external jar.
build.gradle Fixing default preference issue. Changed handling of generated version properties file.
dependencies.gradle Updatet dependencies to avoid security issue within commons collections. Updated updater build properties.
history.txt Updated history.txt for 10.0.0 release.
install.html Updated version numbers.
license.txt OpenCms is published under the LGPL license.
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