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The Java open source content management system by Alkacon Software
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.settings Removed reference to a test that case that has been moved to the
doc Improved java doc generation for Java 7.
lib Changed PDF thumbnail generator to use the JPedal library.
modules Fixing IE browser mode issue.
src-components Changed type evaluation to use 'binary' for GWT specific files.
src-gwt/org/opencms Fixed problem with lock info being set as part of the title when
src-modules/org/opencms Added test case for pull request #298.
src-setup Fixed wrong behavior of an XML update plugin which couldn't deal with
src Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/branch_9_5_x' into branch_9_5_x
test-gwt/org/opencms Minor improvements.
test Fixed NPE in getSubsiteRoot method.
webapp Solr schema.xml: Added dynamic field for alphabetical sorting.
.checkstyle Added Java doc suppress warnings to the UAgentInfo class and removed it
.classpath Adding GWT based test cases.
.gitignore Updated .gitignore with hints to 'Assume unchanged'
CheckStyle_OpenCms_Suppression.xml Updated checkstyle settings with a suppression filter.
Checkstyle_OpenCms.xml Updated checkstyle settings with a suppression filter. Fixed wrong jaxen dependency.
build.gradle Added copyDeps task to copy dependencies into a folder.
build.xml Excluded org.opencms.workplace.galleries/categories modules from updater Fixed issue in version gerneration script.
dependencies.gradle Fixed wrong jaxen dependency. Added variable build information properties to CmsSystemInfo.
history.txt Added date to history.
install.html Removed unnecessary SQL command
license.txt OpenCms is published under the LGPL license.
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