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.settings Updated company name. Nov 29, 2016
doc Improved java doc generation for Java 7. Feb 19, 2014
lib Removing dependency to external jar. Dec 4, 2015
modules Further improvements of the project manager app. Jan 5, 2017
src-gwt Changed field order. Jan 9, 2017
src-modules/org/opencms Re-enforced date conversion of attributes in field mappings for Lucene Dec 7, 2016
src-setup Removing add German help index rule, it is no longer required. Nov 30, 2016
src Improving copy page to allow setting the new folder name. Jan 6, 2017
test-gwt/org/opencms Updated company name. Nov 29, 2016
test Adjusted test case for Solr field mapping to changed date format. Dec 7, 2016
webapp Updated Apache Chemistry libraries and dependencies. Jan 6, 2017
.checkstyle Added Java doc suppress warnings to the UAgentInfo class and removed it Oct 15, 2013
.classpath Message bundle editor: Disallow switching to languages when translation Oct 17, 2016
.gitignore Added separate output folder for tests. Jan 5, 2016
CheckStyle_OpenCms_Suppression.xml Updated checkstyle settings with a suppression filter. Mar 28, 2014
Checkstyle_OpenCms.xml Removed now unsupported checkstyle option Jun 29, 2015 Updated Apache Chemistry libraries and dependencies. Jan 6, 2017
build.gradle Providing only a single solr sample configuration folder. Nov 30, 2016 Changed handling of generated version properties file. Jun 17, 2015
dependencies.gradle Changed guava dependency version from 19 to 18. Jan 6, 2017 Updating demo template module list. Nov 30, 2016
history.txt Updated history. Nov 30, 2016
install.html Updating read me and copyright information. Mar 23, 2016
license.txt OpenCms is published under the LGPL license. Jun 14, 2003