Fast UIScrollView subclass which presents its cells in a GridView
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#What is A3GridTableView? A3GridTableView is a UIScrollView subclass with a high performance GridView style layouting.
It has similar delegate methods to a UITableView and can be even used like one.
The difference is that the A3GridTableView aligns his section in collumns and not in one flow.

It is written in Objective-C and works for all iOS applications and uses ARC.

##Video: A3GridTableView iPhone sample A3GridTableView iPad sample


Initialize a A3GridTableView like any other View by code or in the InterfaceBuilder. Set your ViewController as dataSource and delegate of the A3GridTableView and implement the required dataSource methods:

- (NSInteger)numberOfSectionsInA3GridTableView:(A3GridTableView *) gridTableView;
- (NSInteger)A3GridTableView:(A3GridTableView *) tableView numberOfRowsInSection:(NSInteger) section;
- (A3GridTableViewCell *)A3GridTableView:(A3GridTableView *)gridTableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath;

You can find all optional dataSource and delegate methods like heightForRowAtIndexPath: well documented with explanations in the A3GridTableView.h header file.

The dataSource method cellForRowAtIndexPath: requires a A3GridTableViewCell (or a subclass) which properties can also be seen in A3GridTableViewCell.h header file.

#License: See our BSD 3-Clause License

#Contribute: Feel free to fork and make pull requests! We are also very happy if you tell us about your app(s) which use this control.

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