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Tipboard is a system for creating dashboards, written in JavaScript and Python. Its widgets ('tiles' in Tipboard's terminology) are completely separated from data sources, which provides great flexibility and relatively high degree of possible customizations.

Because of its intended target (displaying various data and statistics in your office), it is optimized for larger screens.

Similar projects: Geckoboard, Dashing.

A detailed, technical documentation for Tipboard can be found here.

Quick start


Assuming Ubuntu or similar Linux distribution, some required packages need to be installed first:

$ sudo apt-get install python-dev python-virtualenv redis-server

Virtual environment

Continue by creating a virtual environment that will help you conveniently separate your instance from what you already have installed in the system (let's say we will name it "tb-env"):

$ virtualenv tb-env

Activate the created virtual environment with the following command:

$ source tb-env/bin/activate

Installation with pip

After creating and activating virtualenv, install the latest (current) version of Tipboard package available on pypi ("Python Package Index") with the following command:

(tb-env)$ pip install tipboard

Next, you need to create a configuration template for your dashboard - let's say we will call it 'my_test_dashboard':

(tb-env)$ tipboard create_project my_test_dashboard

This command will create .tipboard directory in your home dir and will fill it with default settings for your dashboard.


To verify your installation, launch this command:

(tb-env)$ tipboard runserver

If you see the message Listening on port... instead of any errors, it means that installation was successful and you may now configure your newly installed Tipboard instance. You may also point your favorite web browser to http://localhost:7272 to see the current state of your dashboard.


Tipboard is licensed under the Apache License, v2.0.

Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Allegro Group.

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